Automatic Oil Delivery

Ken’s Oil will monitor your heating oil usage and deliver oil throughout the year, assuring that you never run out of oil. This delivery option offers peace of mind, knowing your heating system will keep you warm year ’round.


Your heating system is the heart of your home. From forced hot air furnaces to forced hot water boilers and a variety of other options, there are several heating systems to choose from, and we take care of them all.

Emergency Services

What Do You Do IF You Don’t Have Heat? We provide 24 hour emergency services.You can reach us by calling us at 508-865-1350

Service Policies

Just like our fixed price programs, Ken’s Oil and Heating offers a variety of service policies to fit your individual needs. Protect your heating system by purchasing a service policy today. We recommend a burner cleaning once a year to ensure optimum performance of your heating system.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Burner Annually:

Your system will last longer.

It will increase fuel efficiency.

It is less likely to break down in the middle of the winter.

Lack of preventative maintenance may result in major service problems.

Be sure to check out our Tank Insurance Program.